India, Pakistan should come together to fight poverty, says Modi | World

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that India and Pakistan have fought a lot and both the nations should now come together to fight poverty, diseases and illiteracy.

In an interview with an Indian news channel, Modi said, “As far as Pakistan is concerned, I believe, and I have always said that India and Pakistan have fought a lot, we should come together and fight poverty, come together and fight diseases. If we fight together, we will win faster.”

He also denied that the prime focus of India’s foreign policy was to isolate Pakistan internationally.

“And if you think we are doing so much hard work around the world to isolate one nation, then that is wrong. This is not our work,” the Indian premier told Times Now.

“Yes, the world is grappling with the scourge of terrorism and whoever is sympathetic towards terrorists, the world is uniting against them.”

Modi said that his country’s foreign policy is “based in the context of its relations with the world. It is issue based; our foreign policy is not based around one nation and it shouldn’t be.”

He also “welcomed” US President Donald Trump for raising voice against terrorism.

“President Trump has raised his voice against terror with a lot of assertion and I welcome him and I respect him. Whoever takes a step against terrorism; I will welcome them and praise them, because my country has been suffering terrorism for 40 years.”

Commenting on his government’s move to relaunch a dialogue in Indian-occupied Kashmir, Modi said, “Dialogue does take place with every citizen of India, and it will continue to take place.

“We are there for those who believe in the Constitution of India,” he added.

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