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PTI Chairperson Imran Khan while addressing a press conference in Islamabad on November 29, 2017. Photo: Geo News screen grab

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan remarked that government is trying to protect former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

“There is no government in the country, Nawaz considers himself to be a king,” said the PTI chief while addressing a press conference on

Government is just focusing on saving a person who has been disqualified, a person who has looted Rs300 billion from the country, he added.

The government has been taken as a hostage, he claimed, adding that the only way to solve the crisis is through early elections.  

He also shared that holding early elections is commonplace across the globe, this is not a new demand. 

“Early elections is the need of the nation, not PTI.” 

He remarked: “I will again reiterate my call for early elections. Early elections are the need of the country. The longer they [PML-N] would stay in power is better for us, as it strengthens our party, but having them in power is further indebting the people of the nation.”

On the Faizabad protest, Imran said that the way the protest was handled proves that early elections are the need of the hour, PML-N cannot govern the country.

If the Army had not stepped in then the country’s conditions would have deteriorated, he said. 

However, the PML-N are speaking against the Army because they could not ‘manage’ the officers, he said. “They [PML-N] should thank the Army, the whole issue had moved away from politics. Even our people wanted to join the protest movement.

“The issue was larger than Faizabad. When you bring a constitutional amendment, wasn’t t your [PML-N] responsibility to discuss it on a competent forum.”

The law minister reiterated time and again that the oath for officer holders is just the same, he said. However, once the truth was revealed no one from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz came forward to accept the mistake. “The issue has exposed Ahsan Iqbal [federal interior minister,]” he added. 

He remarked that PML-N Leader Maryam Nawaz has compared his case to that of Nawaz Sharif. “There is a vast difference between the two cases. Nawaz stole the money of the people. I am being held accountable for an apartment I bought when I was playing cricket.”

Imran added, “I was a cricketer when I bought the apartment, I was not a public office holder.

If anyone of the documents I submitted to the Supreme Court proves to be false I will resign myself,” he remarked, adding “no one will need to ask me to do so, neither will I ask why I was forced out.”

The people of Pakistan are looking towards the judiciary now for justice, he added. 

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