College students in Mirpur Khas forced to study in under construction building | Pakistan

MIRPUR KHAS: Tired of the lack of progress of college building in their area, the people of Bara Meel village took matters into their own hands and started offering classes in an under construction building. 

As many as 263 students are enrolled in the college, which has no basic facilities such as electricity, water, and furniture. There isn’t even a library or any laboratory at the college.

Moreover, some of the other issues that students and teachers face are that there are no proper roads leading to the college nor is there any security facilities. 

The lack of the progress on the building speaks volume about the neglect of the government, however even that failed to discourage people of the Bara Meel village to secure a future for their children.

The people fought all odds to educate their children, and cumulatively raised money to buy basic furniture of the college and pay the tuition fee of the children.

The college principal shared that “the villagers had gathered about Rs60,000 to Rs70,000, with which existing furniture was bought.”

Since the budget for the college has not been released, the people of the village also paid about Rs15,000 to Rs16,000 as tuition fee of the students, he added.

“The funds were collected on our own,” he remarked. 

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