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JACOBABAD: Neglect of education can be starkly seen in a government school of Lakhmir Kharani village, which is a crumbling structure where unpaved walls are used as boards and children sit on dusted floors during classes.

While talking to Geo News, headmaster of the school said lack of facilities has made it difficult for them to conduct classes. He added they do not even have furniture for the two classrooms in the structure, which is why students sit on the floor during lessons.

The government boys primary school in Lakhmir Kharani village of Jacobabad is held together by baked bricks that have also fallen off from certain areas. This has rendered the structure vulnerable to all sorts of threats, especially when students and teachers are inside.

What makes the school more open to danger is the fact that the structure stands sans doors and windows.

Students of the school complain they neither have a washroom there nor is there water available. Whatever is left of the building is also coming off.

However, the school in Lakhmir Kharani is not the only one to be in a dilapidated state. There are many such schools across the province that are unfit for purpose. Even though the Sindh government has imposed an education emergency across the province, children who are going to schools are made to study under horrid conditions.

Broken wall of government school in Lakhmir Kharai, Jacobabad. 

Besides, the education department gets a decent amount each year for the repair and reconstruction, despite that there are schools that are faced with utter neglect.

According to the district education officer, they have informed the education department of the condition of the school.  

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