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ISLAMABAD: Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah shared that he doesn’t see the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as any “threat” in the upcoming general elections.

While speaking on Geo News show, Naya Pakistan, on Friday, the CM said that “PTI has been trying to win over Karachi but they remain popular only in small pockets now.”

He said that the confidence comes from their support base. “People know that no one can serve them better than PPP [Pakistan Peoples Party]. We have crowded out everybody.”

“At one point MQM [Muttahida Qaumi Movement] used to have total control over Karachi but we have encroached upon their support base,” he said.

Weighing in on the MQM-Pakistan and Pak Sarzameen Party saga, he said that everyone knew that an alliance was brewing. “I was personally happy with the decision and was not surprised.”

However, he shared that he was disappointed as the alliance was so short-lived. “It didn’t even last 24 hours and it became very bitter,” adding that they even tried to drag PPP into it.

‘Have no problem with current IG’

Murad also clarified that Sindh government has no problem with Inspector General of Police Allah Dino Khawaja. “We have no problem with the individual but the verdict of the high court. We think that the verdict was in contradiction to the country’s law and Constitution.”

In a verdict passed on September 7, the Sindh High Court (SHC) dismissed the provincial government’s order to remove Khawaja as Sindh Police’s top boss.

The two-judge SHC bench also restored the IGP’s powers of transfers and postings within the police department, declaring all postings and transfers carried out in the province after July 7 as illegal.

Census process

Murad said that when the census process was started he had shared his reservations during a meeting of Council of Common Interests. However, they were dismissed on the grounds that the census process will remain confidential. 

“I want transparent process so that people can be taken into confidence over it,” he said, adding “I can’t say if the census process was correct or not.”

However, he shared that he doesn’t want elections to be delayed because of the census results. 

“It is important to ensure that the democratic process is not derailed and elections should be held on time,” he added. 

Earlier in the day, the Council of Common Interests (CCI) decided to verify five percent results of the census by a third party. 

Improvements in Karachi

On the development in Karachi, he shared that the garbage situation in the city is much better than before as the cleanliness was outsourced to Chinese companies. “Especially in districts South and East, there is a vast improvement.”

He also claimed that there is no tussle between the Sindh government and municipal corporation. The District Municipal Corporation just needs to sign an agreement with Sindh Solid Waste Management, he said, adding “We even told them we are willing to help them if they want to outsource cleanliness drives.”

Murad remarked that the health situation has also improved. With regards to National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, he shared that the institute was handed over to Sindh government in 2011. 

“Federal government should to allot Rs700million funds to the hospital, while we have allotted Rs5.8 billion.” Moreover, plans are in process to inaugurate NICVD satellites all across Sindh, he added.

It is not feasible for the government to open a hospital in every village, but we have given special packages to doctors to encourage them to help people in far fetch areas, he said. 

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