Rs10mn spent daily on deployment of security personnel for Islamabad sit-in: sources | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The government has been spending approximately Rs10 million daily on the deployment of security personnel for the Islamabad sit-in, sources informed Geo News Thursday, the 18th consecutive day since the protesters first occupied the key intersection connecting the ‘twin cities.’

The recurring protests and sit-ins in the federal capital have indebted the Islamabad Police so much so that it has become difficult to feed personnel deployed for security around Faizabad Interchange.

The administration appears unable to maintain security presence around the vicinity after the contractors, who up till now had been supplying food on credit, have declined to facilitate any more requests sans payment, sources said.

Authorities have acquired services of 3000 personnel from the Frontier Constabulary (FC), 4000 from Punjab Police and 1000 Azad Kashmir Police for deployment around Faizabad sit-in, they said.

The expense for providing food to these personnel is over Rs2.5 million daily, sources said.

The expense for 200 rented containers and vehicles, and fueling remains apart.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance has also not released an additional grant for the past sit-ins, documents available with Geo News suggest.

There had been continuous expenditures on different protests and sit-ins from September 7 to November 22.

The security for Jamaat-e-Islami’s protest on September 8 cost Rs12.6 million, documents suggest.

Similarly, the sit-in by Sunni Tehreek, which began on September 24 and lasted for eight days, coost Rs23.5 million.

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