Fake ‘pir’ beaten up for attempting to assault woman | Pakistan

A woman beating up the fake pir with her shoe in Kot Abdul Malik near Sheikhupura on November 23, 2017. Photo: Geo News screen grab

SHEIKHUPURA: A fake ‘pir’ was beaten up for attempting to assault a woman in Kot Abdul Malik near Sheikhupura.

The affected woman shared that she had come to the ‘pir’ [faith healer] so he can ‘bless’ her and she has another child. However, the faith healer tried to take advantage of the woman.

When the faith healer made his move, the woman started to scream alerting the people near the area. The people came to the woman’s rescue and the faith healer was beaten up with shoes.

The woman also claimed that the fake faith healer had duped her into giving him Rs0.2 million to ‘bless’ her.

The angry mob then handed over the fake pir to the police, and a case was also registered.

The police shared that the suspect has assaulted women before as well. However, no case was registered as the women were too scared to speak up against him.

Moreover, the police also recovered CNICs of many women from his possession.

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