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KARACHI: A young Babar Babban Baloch wakes up everyday, goes to his kiosk and makes papadum for customers all the while thinking about rolling on the streets of Lyari. 

The young man, who lives in a rented house, works hard to provide financial assistance to his family but his passion is to skate and perform stunts. 

After getting done from job, Babar wears his roller skates and comes out on the dilapidated streets of Lyari. 

Over time, Babar has become a popular figure in the area and many residents gather around him to watch him perform stunts. 

“I have worked really hard to learn the [art of skating] and I only practiced in the streets of Lyari,” he told Geo News. 

Babar’s zest for adventure and thrill for life is evident from the stunts he performs on the road. The daredevil skates near trolley trucks and easily passed under them as well.  

However, he advises the young skaters to stay from the vehicles as it is quite dangerous. 

Babar’s mother, who sells rice in the area, shared that he does get scared when he is performing stunts. 

“I get very scared thinking about him [skating] but he says that it has become his habit now. He wasn’t even scared when he was younger, now he has no fear,” she reasoned. 

Speaking about his mother, Babar shared that it is natural for any mother to get worried about her child. “I enjoy skating and this is my passion,” he added. 

Lyari is already known to produce Pakistan’s best athletes, from soccer to boxing and now skating. 

Although, there aren’t many opportunities for skaters in Pakistan but Babar expressed that he is committed to make the sport popular in the country. 

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