Flour mill boiler explodes into fireball in Karachi’s Nazimabad: authorities | Pakistan

Emergency services respond to a fire that erupted at a flour mill in the Nazimabad locale of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, November 21, 2017. Geo.tv/Qamar Ali

KARACHI: Fire erupted at a flour factory late Monday night here in the metropolis’ Nazmiabad area when a boiler exploded, engulfing the building’s entire top floor in flames.

There was no labourer inside the building — a two-storey structure — at the time of the blaze, emergency services explained, adding that the boiler is located on its rooftop.

Six fire tenders and at least 18 firefighters are currently engaged in trying to bring under control and douse the fire.

The fire spread through the top floor when the boiler exploded at around 2:45 AM PST local time, prompting emergency services authorities to be called to the scene immediately.

While the flames rage on an hour later, the fire is expected to be brought under control shortly.

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