Educational activities once again suspended in QAU, classrooms locked | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The educational activities were suspended once again in the Quaid-e-Azam University on Monday, as a faction of disgruntled students filled classroom locks with ‘elfy’ glue and deflated the tires of the campus buses.

The particular faction has been protesting since a week. Despite police restoring the academic activities last week, the studies on campus didn’t resume.

The student-faction did not openly protest but resorted to disrupting acts. The administration said that the faction is in hiding and their mobile phones are also switched off.

The university administration and police said that on Tuesday educational activities will resume anyhow. Meanwhile, contingents of police have been deployed in the university.

In the beginning of October, students started protesting for better facilities at the hostels and for the cancellation of recent hike in fees. A heavy contingent of police arrived to control the unrest, firing tear-gas shells to disperse raged students. Authorities also called in Rangers to control the situation.

The injured students were shifted to a hospital. A few of them were also said to have received gunshot wounds.

The arrested students were accused of possession of illegal weapons, wreaking havoc and attempted murder.

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