Deputy mayor Karachi Arshad Vohra joins PSP | Pakistan

KARACHI: Muttahida Quami Movement Pakistan leader and Deputy Mayor Karachi Arshad Vohra switched loyalties on Sunday, joining the Mustafa Kamal-led Pakistan Sarzameen Party.

The deputy mayor spoke to media regarding his decision to join the PSP.

Vohra reached Pakistan house, flanked by Anis Qaimkhani and others.

PSP President Anis QaimKhani also spoke to media, where he said that Deputy Mayor Vohra is joining the party, adding that the PSP has supporters in thousands of numbers.

The MQM fell from grace following the August 22 violence, instigated by the party founder’s speech. The party split into two groups last year and several leaders from the Pakistan chapter joined the PSP — the party led by another disgruntled former MQM member.

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