Senate chairman loses temper over ministers’ absence | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani once again lost his temper over ministers’ absence during Senate session on Friday.

“Is this some kind of kingdom? The prime minister can come to the Senate to answer questionings pertaining to him then why not the ministers?”

He suggested, “such ministers should be temporarily barred from attending sessions for a limited time period.”

There is a large number of ministers but still they don’t attend Senate sessions, he claimed.

Housing minister is in Bannu, religious affairs minister is abroad while trade minister is in Karachi.

“The other day the minister for capital administration and development claimed he isn’t feeling well, but the same day Tariq Fazal Chaudhry was seen addressing a press conference on banking.

Moreover, Pakistan Peoples Party’s Farhatullah Babar spoke over the issue pertaining to the forceful deportation of Turk families across the country. He claimed that 285 Turk families have been forcefully deported.

The head of a Turkish school was kidnapped and sent to Turkey, he claimed, adding “it seems as if we have become a part of Turkey’s internal politics.”

Over the matter, Raza Rabbani summoned interior minister to issue a statement over the matter.

On the other hand, Jamiatul-Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl’s Senator Hafiz Hameedullah brought attention to the way Edhi offices are being occupied by land mafia.

On this, Rabbani assured him that he will speak to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah over the issue.

Addressing a news conference at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday, the late philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi’s family said that one of the centres was occupied in the Sindh-Balochistan border town of Hub, for which they sought the Balochistan government’s intervention.

Edhi’s wife Bilquis and son Faisal said the land mafia occupying the welfare centres enjoyed the patronage of certain political parties, adding that shops and other commercial constructions were erected after razing the centres that had been serving humanity, especially the poor, for the past three decades.

They said lands for these welfare centres were allotted by the National Highway Authority (NHA), which had awarded the Edhi Foundation with the written authority to set them up at any point on 200-square-metre belts of land on both sides of the highways.

The last target of the land grabbers, they said, was the Edhi welfare centre in Thatta that had been successfully functioning since 1985 on the NHA land. 

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