Crises in Pakistan do not emerge, they are created: Fazl | Pakistan

QUETTA: Pakistan is a country where crises are often created, they do not naturally emerge, and when that does not happen, they are invited over, said Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl’s Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman on Friday.

While addressing lawyers in Balochistan High Court, Fazl spoke about the general elections of 2018 saying all the political parties are looking forward to contesting the polls and getting a chance to rule the country. But, he added, the powers that are not involved in corrupt practices are being pushed back in the due process.

The JUI-F chief spoke about the present situation in the country, saying the entire nation is going through paranoia as people are feeling a lack of security. “Under such circumstances it would be unwise to take an ostrich approach.”

Therefore, Fazl said, there is a need to strengthen democratic institutions and to create unity among them, including the establishment and judiciary. Because, he said, Pakistan is the only country where institutions are in a race to defeat each other, while other countries are treading the path of progress.

“However we are standing with the country and figuring out ways in which common people can get access to resources.” 

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