Trader killed by wife, daughter in Sukkur | Pakistan

SUKKUR: The police revealed on Thursday that a trader’s wife, daughter and nephew were involved in his murder.

The trader, identified as Abdul Rauf Khokhar, was murdered on October 21 and the family had claimed that Khokhar was shot during a robbery.

However, conflicting statements of the family members aroused the suspicion of the police. After investigating his family it was revealed that his daughter, wife and nephew had plotted and carried out the murder.

The wife revealed that her daughter wanted to marry Khokhar’s nephew, identified as Sufyaan, but the father opposed the marriage.

The three plotted the murder and sent Sufyaan to buy a pistol. On October 21, the wife fed him sleeping pills and the daughter eventually shot him.

The suspects have confessed to their crime, the police said.

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