History shows unjust verdicts bring shame to courts: Maryam | Pakistan

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Leader Maryam Nawaz remarked that history shows that unjust verdicts have brought a bad name and shame to courts and arbitrators.

In a series of tweets, she said: “Unjust verdicts have brought a bad name and shame to courts and arbitrators.”

She further added: “Whenever a person stands before an arbiter’s court, then that person and the arbiter should know that they stand before God in His court.”

Members of Sharif family have often alluded to the Supreme Court’s verdict to disqualify Nawaz Sharif as prime minister of Pakistan as “unjust” and “unfair”. 

Following the verdict, National Accountability Bureau had filed references against the members of the Sharif family. 

The Sharif family has claimed time and again that they were not provided with an opportunity to prove their innocence in the cases against them in the apex court. 

Earlier in the day, the daughter of the former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, had remarked that every “so-called” democratic government, no matter how weak, should complete its tenure.

“This is how democracy will be strengthened in the country,” she said while talking to reporters outside the Accountability Court hearing corruption cases against her family.

When asked to comment on the ongoing process of “VIP accountability”, the former premier’s daughter shot back that they are appearing in court despite her mother’s ill health and her father’s questionable disqualification, so how could this be termed ‘VIP accountability’.

VIP accountability is when the vehicle turns around halfway due to fake back pain [of the accused] while going to the court, she commented, in an indirect reference to former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.

In response to another question whether ‘her’ government will issue red warrants for Musharraf, Maryam responded, “our government, our government?”. She said further that it’s better if she stays silent, adding that neither she or the journalist is that naive.

She also questioned the ‘hasty’ justice being meted out to Nawaz and his family.

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