Nearly half of Afghanistan under Daesh control, says Khawaja Asif | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Wednesday said that half of Afghanistan is under Daesh control. 

Asif said nearly 45 per cent of Afghanistan’s territory was under control of Daesh, adding that the terrorists would not need Pakistan for their hideouts. 

The foreign minister was referring to allegations levelled against Pakistan regarding harbouring terrorists.

Afghanistan’s role as a facilitator for India is not acceptable to Pakistan, added the foreign minister while addressing the Senate. 

However, he said, Pakistan has managed to restore peace in its territory to a great extent and that number of drone strikes has come down as compared to previous years. “We have fought away the elements that were the cause of drone strikes in Pakistan.”

During his speech, Asif said Pakistan is not a super power, but is a nation that has sacrificed its people during the fight against terrorism. He added Pakistan had agreed on reconciliation in the past but it was to no avail. “We would be sent a list [of terrorists],” he said. “We have made the arrests [asked from us] and sent over.” 

Pakistan will continue its fight against terrorism, he said, but will not serve as anyone’s proxy. 

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