College student robbed, dragged on road by muggers in Karachi | Pakistan

KARACHI: A CCTV video on Wednesday showing a female student being robbed by muggers in broad daylight in the city’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar area, raising questions over security in the locality after a number of stabbing attacks spread fear among women.

Robbers riding on a bike can be seen in the video attempting to stop two female students walking on the road. Sensing danger, one student promptly started running while muggers were able to rob another girl’s bag and mobile phone. The girl fell and was briefly dragged on the road as the muggers attempted to drive away before the student had handed over her bag to them.

The incident comes after police had claimed additional personnel have been deployed in the area to nab the “knifeman” who stabbed a number of women over the past month in the locality.

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