Cabinet to be presented with formulas for delimitation based on census data | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet is to be presented with three formulas for delimitation of constituencies before the next general elections on the basis of provisional census data.

Geo News has obtained copies of the summary of the formulas, which will be presented before the cabinet for reallocation in the number of general seats in the National Assembly on the basis of the provisional results of the population census conducted earlier this year.

In the summary, three formulas for proposed changes in the National Assembly seats have been put forward. The cabinet will approve one of these formulas for delimitation of constituencies.

“If seats in the National Assembly are reallocated on the basis of officially published provisional results of census 2017 without changing the existing total number of general seats (272) and women seats (60), seats will increase for Balochistan (2 general seats and one woman seat), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (5+1), Sindh (2+0) and the Federal Capital (1+0) while seats will decrease for Punjab (-4-2) and FATA (-6),” the first formula states.

“If seats for FATA are maintained at 12, then the reallocation will result in increases for Balochistan (2+1), KP (4+1), and Federal Capital (1+0) while seats for Punjab will decrease (-7-2),” reads the second formula.

The third formula proposes that the number of general seats be increased from 272 to 300. “Reallocation of seats under this option retaining 12 seats for FATA will result in increase in seats for Balochistan (4+1), KP (8+1), Punjab (8-2), Sindh (7+0), and ICT (1+0).”

Under the laws, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is empowered to carry out delimitation of constituencies of the National Assembly, provincial assemblies as well as local bodies. However, a fresh legislation is required to allow the ECP to do so on the basis of census results. 

The ECP has called a meeting on October 27 to discuss constituency delimitation and census results with the officials of law ministry and statistics department, sources said earlier today.

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