Imran urges protection of minorities in Pakistan | Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday no one should create such circumstances for minorities that make them start feeling unsafe in the country.

While addressing a Diwali ceremony in Karachi, Khan said the Muslims of the Sub-continent, being a minority there, were treated unfairly, which was one of the reasons for Pakistan’s formation.

He noted after Pakistan came into being, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had said that all minorities in the country will be given complete protection.

“We should honour that; we should not, in any case, create circumstances like the Sub-continent for them [minorities],” the PTI chief said.

“It is unjustified in Islam to forcefully convert Hindu girls after abducting them.”

Khan said extremists are in a state of denial that it would earn them blessings by forcing a person to convert to Islam, adding, “it is against the religion”.

“The extent of oppression the weak are subjected to in Sindh has no match anywhere,” he maintained. “We will make the weaker classes in entire Sindh join us.”

The PTI chief lamented the police also backs the powerful, adding that it is part of his party’s manifesto to help serve justice to the oppressed.

He vowed that they would defeat the powerful mafia in Sindh.

Zardari is Sindh’s biggest disease: Imran 

Earlier in the day, Imran said that the resources of Sindh should be used on the people of the province, adding that Sindh’s biggest disease is former president Asif Ali Zardari.

The PTI chairman was addressing the media in Karachi, where he said that Sindh is his province because it has Karachi.

Imran alleged that Zardari’s sugar mill mafia is usurping rights of the people of Sindh.

“I can see Zardari being middle-stumped,” said the PTI chief.

Regarding the arrest of Pakistan Peoples Party’s Sharjeel Memon by the National Accountability Bureau on Monday, Imran hailed the institution’s decision, saying it is a positive step.

Imran claimed that the previous chairman NAB saved big criminals from action.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif led the country to a historic level of loans, said Khan.

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