World’s ‘heaviest’ woman dies in Abu Dhabi | World

Eman Abdul Atti

Eman Abdul Atti, once known as the world’s ‘heaviest’ woman, passed away at a hospital in Abu Dhabi on Monday, just weeks after celebrating her 37th birthday.

Eman, an Egyptian national, died due to complications from heart disease and kidney dysfunction, a statement from hospital officials said.

“Our prayers and heartfealt condolences go out to her family,” said the hospital.

She had been at the hospital since April, when she arrived “bedridden” and was under the supervision of 20 medical experts. In June, her condition had seemingly improved as she was “able to sit independently and eat on her own”.

Eman had not left home for 25 years because of her size

In February, weighing around 500 kilograms, she had visited India for weight-loss treatment. During the procedure she had managed to lose 324 kilograms, and had left the country weighing around 176 kilograms.

Last year, Eman had said she had not left home for 25 years because of her size.

She had reportedly been bedridden since the age of 12 after suffering a parasitic infection that “caused her limbs and body to swell”.

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