Girl robbing people through fake marriages arrested in Sargodha | Pakistan

SARGODHA: Police arrested on Sunday an 18-year-old girl who has been robbing people through fake marriages from Sargodha.

The girl, in a span of four months, married seven times and deprived people of their valuable possessions.

The case came to attention, after affected grooms, Allah Dutta and Azhar Mahmood, presented their Nikah contracts before a session court.

According to court sources, Sana would disappear after a day or two with the stolen goods and jewelry.

A case has been registered in the jurisdiction of urban area police station against the girl.

The court in its ruling ordered the girl to be sent to prison. 

The group working with the girl included her alleged brother, father and ‘Nikahkhawan’ (marriage registrar), who were also found to be fraud.

The marriages weren’t registered correctly anywhere. 

Sources informed that Sana and her group would hunt for men who were looking to marry and dupe them.

The group would demand two to three lakh rupees from the groom’s family.

After marriage, Sana would not only rob the groom’s family but would also steal from the guests staying over.

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