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LONDON: Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Barjees Tahir has said that minus-Nawaz formula will never be acceptable to the workers of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the people of Pakistan and those wishing for it should learn lessons from history.

Barjees Tahir visited London for two days to meet the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who has been here for over three weeks now. On Friday, Barjees Tahir met the former premier at Hasan Nawaz Sharif’s office for an hour and exchanged views with him. Barjees Tahir’s son Sakib Barjees and the PML-N UK’s senior vice president Nasir Butt were also present in the meeting.

Speaking after the meeting, Barjees Tahir said he inquired about the health of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz from Nawaz Sharif and conveyed him the message of his supporters that they are devoted to him and have full faith in him.

Barjees Tahir said: “Begum Kulsoom Nawaz is a role model for Pakistan’s political activists. She stood gallantly against the dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf and suffered a great deal, she is a democracy icon because she fought for democracy and was persecuted for it. We all have huge respect for what she did for the restoration of democracy in the worst of times. I have come to London to pay homage to her role, I remember how she inspired us all not to be scared off by the persecution we all faced from Pervez Musharraf.”

Barjees Tahir said it’s a known fact now that Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified out of revenge and what happened in the name of accountability is the mockery of justice. “Nawaz Sharif stands vindicated in the eyes of Pakistani people. So much fuss was created about the Panama case to oust Nawaz Sharif but nothing was found against him in the Supreme Court. There is not even an allegation of corruption of public funds. He has been ousted on the basis of an Iqama and that has humiliated the respect of vote and democracy has been insulted. Supporters of Nawaz Sharif are fully aware that their leader is sadiq and ameen and that what happened to him is an injustice.”

Barjees Tahir said billion of Rupees have been wiped off Pakistan’s stock market and Pakistan’s economy has suffered after the ouster of Nawaz Sharif. “The whole world knows that Nawaz Sharif had put Pakistan’s economy on the right track. His ouster has dented faith of the international community, the fact is Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification on weak grounds has destabilised Pakistan. This is not something that Pakistan needs.”

Barjeez Tahir said Nawaz Sharif is loved by Kashmiris because he has always been there for them. “Nawaz Sharif enjoys popularity amongst Kashmiris because not only that he is a Kashmiri himself, he has worked for their rights and welfare, for the independence of Kashmir. This love was reflected during the last general elections in Azad Kashmir when Muslim league swept polls in the name of Nawaz Sharif. Kashmiris voted for him because they know he’s their man. I meet Kashmiris on daily basis and they are heart-broken that their leader has been ousted out of revenge, I passed their love and wishes to Nawaz Sharif in our meeting.”

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