Uber’s license has been revoked in London: reports | Business

LONDON: Transport for London (TfL) has revoked Uber’s operating license in the capital, the ITV reported on Friday. 

TfL is changing the fees for operating licences based on the size of private hire firms’ operations, in a bid to meet the rising cost of regulation.

However, the world’s largest taxi-hailing app will not be offered one.

Earlier this week, it emerged the cost to keep Uber’s 40,000 drivers in the capital is said to soar from £3,000 to £3 million over the next five years if it was granted a new licence following changes to the way that TfL calculates such payments.

The decision is likely to be welcomed by Uber’s growing critics‎, who argue that the company has exacerbated London’s traffic congestion and done little to address incidents of violence involving its drivers.

In May, TfL renewed the company’s permit to operate but for a period of only four months, amid continued opposition and threats of legal challenges from the GMB union and Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association.

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