Pakistani man reaches Yangon to help persecuted Rohingya people | Pakistan

With several hundreds of Rohingya Muslims already shot, stabbed or burnt to death in Myanmar, there still are thousands of them wounded and suffering from hunger.

According to a report, some 30,000 Rohingya people have been taking refuge on mountains along the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh. They are also present in refugee camps in Bangladesh, while tens of thousands of them are still there in some camps in Myanmar’s troubled Rakhine state.

No one knows as to how much assistance these troubled masses are being provided in Myanmar. On the other hand, the Myanmar government claims that those displaced do not include people from a single community.

In such difficult times, a Pakistani man has reached Myanmar’s capital, Yangon, to somehow provide assistance to these stranded Rohingya people.

Zakir Ali, a trader from Hyderabad, reached Yangon after the Pakistan government did not respond to his request to accommodate ten Rohingya families and bear their expenses.

After his calls went unanswered by the embassies of Pakistan and Bangladesh, Ali is disappointed for he himself cannot dispatch relief goods to these violence-stricken Rohingya people, which he had to purchase from Yangon.

Ali’s selfless efforts to provide relief to troubled Rohingya people in Myanmar remind us of renowned Pakistani humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Edhi, at the time of Israeli attack on Gaza in 2009, was present in Cairo, along with tons of relief goods and volunteers, waiting to enter the Gaza Strip. An epitome of compassion, he was in habit of reaching out to the most difficult of places to serve suffering humanity.

From Pakistan, only a property tycoon and a stock-broker had sought details from Pakistani embassy in Myanmar to help provide relief to Rohingya people. Or this Hyderabad trader was prompted to reach here.

With Edhi gone, relief goods from Pakistani people could also not reach these thousands of persecuted people in Myanmar’s troubled region.

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