Nearly 1.5 million children out of school in KPK | Pakistan

PESHAWAR: The initial results of a survey by the education department of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government showed that nearly 1.5 million children are out of school in the province, informed sources.

The survey which took into account 4.5 million households in all 25 districts of the province, revealed that around one million female and 0.5 million male children are out of school. 

Moreover, among them, 0.9 million students have not even received any form of primary education and more than 0.6 million students dropped out of schools.

According to the survey, 0.6 million children are currently studying in schools, and the least number of school enrollment was recorded in Shangla, Kohistan and Torghar districts.

The survey report said that the primary reasons behind children not in schools is because of their lack of interest in studies, poverty, unavailability of transport and distance between their residence and school. The survey was completed at the cost of Rs 220.70 million.     

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