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LONDON: Diplomatic tensions between Swiss government and Pakistan are set to continue as more posters against Pakistan appeared in new areas of Geneva Wednesday morning.

Pakistan has lodged a strong protest with the Swiss government against the display of posters, billboards and hoarding carrying anti-Pakistan propaganda. 

The Swiss ambassador to Islamabad was also summoned to the foreign office to inform the Swiss government about Pakistan’s concerns.

A source told that the previous posters have been removed from some locations because the “15 days contract has expired” but new posters and billboards have been put up on the same route and new areas under a new contract. 

The source said that the new posters were put up on the main road from outside Geneva International Airport leading to the United Nations Human Rights Commission Headquarters (UNHRC). 

“New posters and billboards have been displayed in the vicinity of the airport,” said the source. 

It’s understood that “Balochistan House” has multiple binding contracts with local advertising agencies working on behalf of Geneva city’s administration council. 

Pakistan has protested and claimed that the Swiss government has allowed the use of its soil for activities against Pakistan. 

On Wednesday, the issue was raised in Pakistani parliament and statements of condemnation were issued. Federal Minister Abdul Qadir Baloch called on the Swiss government to take “action” against the elements involved in running posters campaign.

A source in Pakistan’s foreign office informed that the Swiss envoy was asked to pass on Pakistan’s concerns about the use of its soil for anti-Pakistan activities, and particularly about the appearance of publicity material by the group identified as “Balochistan House”.

Moreover, another letter of protest has also been written by Pakistan’s mission in Geneva this week. The second letter was written after the appearance of more posters, billboards and taxi bikes on Geneva streets. 

The letter by Pakistan’s permanent representative in UN has raised the issue with the Swiss government calling the posters campaign “a direct attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan”.

Geo News revealed on Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath on Tuesday night the extent and scope of the expensive campaign across the Geneva city in various forms. It was established through video evidence that the campaign was well-organised, run through local individuals and organisations, heavily funded and planned over a good period of time. 

Terrorism being exported to Pakistan: Raza Rabbani 

Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani raised the issue in the Senate on Wednesday and asked: “What has Pakistan’s government done regarding the issue?”

He also claimed that such campaigns are exporting terrorism to Pakistan. “On the other hand, we are told that our land is being used for terrorist activities.”

He said that foreign office should take strict measures to resolve the issue. “The posters issue is unacceptable.”

Law Minister Zahid Hamid remarked that the campaign seeks to challenge Pakistan’s sovereignty. “This campaign is against the United Nations’ charter.” 

He also claimed that India is the mastermind behind the campaign, adding that it is being promoted by members of Balochistan Liberation Army. 

“We won’t let Swiss land be used for terrorist activities,” added Hamid. 

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